Influencer Marketing


Nadernejad Media is ahead of the game when it comes to influencer marketing. We're connected with influencers in Toronto and around the world, who can't wait to tell their audiences about your brand. 


Influencer marketing is something that's only understood by a few individuals and agencies. It's best implemented when you have a network to choose from. Nadernejad Media has built its own network of social media and traditional media influencers over the past three years. 


Imagine having your product featured by a well-known news correspondent or having your campaign championed by a reality television star. Nadernejad Media has made this possible for businesses in Toronto and around the world. Influencer marketing has viral capabilities and we make sure to pair you with the right influencer for your brand at an even lower cost than you would pay if you had contacted them yourself. S


Since our influencers are connected with Nadernejad Media, we can save you time and money - all while matching you with the perfect influencers to boost your campaigns and your image. 


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