"Every business and individual should implement an online reputation management strategy."

- Nader Nadernejad

Nader Nadernejad, director of Nadernejad Media was interviewed by Robin Yap to be featured in McGraw-Hill’s upcoming textbook, Building Your Dream, a Canadian Guide to Starting Your Own Business by Walter Good et al.

McGraw-Hill is a learning science company and one of the top three largest educational publishers in the world.

In the interview with Dr. Yap, Nadernejad talks about how he started Nadernejad Media as a full-service digital marketing agency in Toronto in 2015, and how that eventually led to him realizing online reputation management would be the key differentiator of his agency.

Since 2015, Nadernejad Media has worked with the former Director of Education for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, the nephew of the former Chilean President and a billion-dollar Chinese education company. The agency has served clients from all walks of life, businesses and individuals alike.

In the interview with Dr. Yap, Nadernejad also talks about why all businesses should be implementing an online reputation management strategy and what businesses should consider when determining their own ORM strategy.

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