How does your online reputation inspire conversations?

Have you ever wondered how your online reputation inspires conversations?

Director Nader Nadernejad met virtually with Mary Jane Copps on her Inspiring Conversations monthly live webinar series to discuss how online reputation management inspires conversations.

Mary Jane Copps is an author, speaker and facilitator with decades of experience teaching people how to communicate using the phone.

In this webinar, Nadernejad talked about the principles of online reputation management and audited Mary Jane’s online reputation live for webinar attendees.

Here’s an interesting fact: the word “reputation” is from mid-14th century Latin, meaning credit, good image, as well as judge, suppose, believe and suspect. You can thank Mary Jane for the definition!


Google Brand alerts was not mentioned in this webinar. If you’d like to monitor any content that’s posted online about you or your business, you should use the free tool from Google.


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