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We're the best marketing agency in Toronto to run your paid advertising campaigns. At Nadernejad Media, we specialize in paid advertising campaigns. Specifically, we stretch your budget further and drive costs lower. We do this by conducting in-depth research about your end consumer and target audience. 


After we launch a paid advertisement, we give the ad set 24-48 hours to generate analytics. Our team monitors this analytics on a daily basis, constantly finding new keywords with high search volume and low competition. We tweak and optimize your content to be more shareable, and keep improving the targeting while lowering the cost altogether. 


This results in ads that reach millions of people for the lowest cost possible. In the meantime, our ads generate conversions, leads and sales for our clients, massively boosting your return on investment (ROI). Nadernejad Media is so passionate about paid advertising, that we treat it like a mission. We observe ad campaigns 24/7 to make sure they're always performing at their full potential.


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