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At Nadernejad Media, we are passionate about search engine optimization (SEO). We always start with an on-site optimization to make sure you have the highest potential to rank for relevant keywords. In the meantime, we have a dedicated specialist manually build your site backlinks from the highest ranked DA/PA blogs and news sites in the world. 


Our SEO strategy at Nadernejad Media is particularly unique, because of our media contacts. We're partnered with some of the highest authority blogs and influencer sites on the internet, allowing us to boost your credibility in Google's search engine. 


When we approach SEO, we look at developing rich online content to make your site more comprehensive and search-friendly. We turn simple websites into rich, compelling information hubs and we leverage the power of the media to boost your search rankings as fast as possible. 


While most companies tell you that "SEO takes at least 6 months" story, our Toronto digital marketing agency can get you SEO results within a week. We send you comprehensive progress reports to show you exactly what we achieve for you. At first, we rank for high search, low competition keywords. Then we begin to beat the top competitors for the most competitive keywords.


Send us a message today and let's create an SEO game plan that will take your business to the next level. 


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