5 Common Website Design Flaws

June 1, 2016


Designing a website for your business involves making many decisions. In website design, the devil is in the details, and if visitors don’t like it they can easily find a different company with a better site online. These are 5 common mistakes that everyone has encountered in their online browsing which make for a negative experience:


1.       No easy way to find information

It doesn't matter how much information your website has if it can’t be found. A simple sidebar or menu at the top of the homepage that links to all of your site’s pages will suffice for most businesses. If you have a lot of pages that visitors would need to sift through to find what they’re looking for, consider adding a search bar to simplify things. Some of the best designed homepages use both, to allow visitors seeking something specific to find it using the search bar and others who are just browsing can use the menu to learn more about your company.