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This App Is Like Instagram with a Piggy Bank!

July 12, 2017

There's a new application in the App Store called Oppa. Oppa is described as a new way to make friends - like Instagram, but with real money and a piggy bank. 


Users are able to share tips and virtual drinks with each other with the click of a button. 


Oppa is a self-proclaimed drink sharing app. Users can follow each other like any other social network. The difference between Oppa and other networks, however, is that users are encouraged to buy each other virtual drinks and share tips with cash.


Many social media sites like YouTube allow users to monetize content, but Oppa encourages its users to send cash directly to each other! 


Users can use Oppa to publish pictures and videos. They can also donate cash to other users or withdraw their balance by sending their funds to a PayPal account. 


"Our new approach to social networking allows users to benefit from their own content, eliminates the spam incentive, and helps users overcome the adverse selection problem in meeting new friends online. We're a passionate team with a deep talent base with offices based out of New York City & Buenos Aires," mentioned an informational blurb on www.oppameet.com.


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To download Oppa on the App Store, click here