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Are You Engaging Enough on Social Media?

July 15, 2017

It's important to engage with your audience on social media. If you're not engaging with the people on your social networks, then you're not going to be attracting new visitors and creating loyal fans. 


The best way to gain a new follower is by producing brilliant content, then engaging with other people's content. People want to feel like you notice them, and when they feel like you notice them, they'll notice you back. 


You could comment something meaningful on somebody's photo. They may not remember it forever, but they may just turn around and like your Facebook page or follow you on Instagram. This increases the amount of time they're exposed to your brand and content. It increases the chance that they will become loyal followers of whatever it is you're trying to promote. 


We challenge you to engage with people every single day on your social media platforms, rinse and repeat. When you wake up, tweet once and respond to three tweets. When you're eating lunch, comment of 5 Facebook pictures and 15 Instagram photos. 


If you make a habit of interacting with other accounts on different platforms, you'll reach a wide audience for free! Of course it takes time, but if you can use the moments when you're watching House of Cards on TV or drinking your morning coffee, you'll reach thousands and thousands of people a month just by interacting with them! 


Do this even if you have a large advertising budget! You could spend millions of dollars on advertising, but if people feel like you're not listening to what they have to say, they're going to shut you off. 


Put positive energy out on social media and you'll notice that you get the same positive energy back. It's a great way to jumpstart your brand or product. It take lots of time and dedication, but it's an important part of business development that should never be overlooked.


Chances are that social media plays a significant role in your personal brand or company. Start taking advantage of these opportunities today and get ahead of the game. Don't sit around and wait for followers to come. You need to actively engineer a strategy to gain more. 


So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start engaging with the online world!