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How to Replace Negative Google Links with Positive Ones

December 25, 2017


Merry Christmas! Since Christmas is a time for giving, We thought we'd make a blog post about how you can create positive media about your brand and have it published by news sources and high authority blogs. Marketing agencies in Toronto won't give you this advice for free and neither will other agencies, so you're in luck. 


We specialize in reputation management, which means we fix reputations and guard them. We help our clients dominate the media by publishing positive content about them on a consistent basis. Now we're going to teach you how to publish your own content on high authority sites for the first time ever. 


The best part? It shouldn't cost more than $5. 


This means you'll be able to push negative media onto the second and third pages of Google and replace it with positive media you've written yourself.


Nadernejad Media has industry connections with higher authority news outlets and professional writers, which takes this strategy a little further, but we'll let you in on the basics.  


Visit Fiverr and search for people who will publish your article to their news sites and blogs. If you look hard enough, you'll find people who agree to publish your writing to their sites for $5.  


Create a positive article about your brand or yourself. Make it significant, interesting and new. Did you open a new office? Are you helping a charity with their fundraising objectives? Think of a relevant topic that somebody would want to read about and create an article about yourself or your brand in a word document. 


Save the word document and order a gig on Fiverr from a seller who publishes guest posts or articles on their site. Upload your word document to the seller and wait for them to post it to their site. 


If you do this on a consistent basis, you'll see tremendous results. This means writing and sending 3-5 articles a month to Fiverr sellers that include your name and your brand name. 


For $25 a month, you could have 60 articles published about your brand by the end of the year. 

Think about that. You'll push down negative search results in no time! 


If you're looking for a more professional article writing and publishing service in some of the largest media outlets in the world, contact us now.


Click here to visit our homepage!


Have a Merry Christmas!