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A Guide to Fixing Your Online Reputation! Free ORM Advice for You & Your Brand

January 4, 2018

Fixing your online reputation can take a few minutes and cost nothing or it can take a lot of time and money. It depends on what part of your reputation you're trying to manage and whether you're a business or an individual. It usually takes a lot of time and money though.


At our Toronto marketing agency, we provide state of the art online reputation management services. We can turn your online reputation around because of the people we know. 


That doesn't mean our strategies are a secret. In fact, we want to educate people about ORM because we don't think a few negative reviews or a news outlet should change your reputation forever. Our goal is to put people in charge of their reputation so they can choose how the world perceives them. 


So, let's get started! Here is how you can boost your online reputation by using short-term and long-term strategies. 


In this guide, you will learn how to:


  • Set Google alerts for your name or your brand name.

  • Outrank and remove negative articles, blog posts and news reports from Google. 

  • Remove and hide negative business reviews on Google, Yelp and on social media networks like Facebook for business. 

  • Create and publish positive media coverage about yourself and your brand. 

  • Detect innacurate reporting in news articles and hold reporters who write about you accountable for the content they publish. 

  • Use SEO to make your website rank first on Google above all other content. 

  • Stop panicking about your online reputation and get into the mindset of a winner. 

  • Dominate and control the media written and published about you and your brand. 


How to Set Google Alerts 


Google Alerts are fantastic because they let you know when somebody publishes content about you or your brand. This automates the process of guarding your reputation because you can get on with your life as Google monitors content about you. It's like having your own personal watchdog without having to pay anything. 


All you have to do is set your search query with how many times you'd like to be alerted and you're ready to go. Now you can mitigate any damage towards your reputation the second it's published. The sooner you know about it, the sooner you can do something. 



Remove Negative Articles 


If you want to remove negative news articles, blog posts or reports, you'll need to contact the person who wrote the content. Search the article for the author and do a background check. Find everything you can about then and contact them yourself or get a reputation management expert  to contact them for you. 


The key to getting the person to remove the negative content is to make them have some skin in the game. If you can find something factually incorrect about the article, you may be able to influence them to change and remove them. 


Call them like you're an old friend trying to help them out and tell them and point out that their article isn't factually correct. Tell them you wouldn't want them to get in trouble and ask them to unpublish the article until they can verify the factual correctness of their writing. 


If this method fails, you can outrank the article and bury it under other search results in the next step. 


Outrank Negative News Articles 


Write several positive media reports and press releases about yourself or hire a writer to create positive content about you and your brand. 


Next, head over to Fiverr and search for people who "publish your article" or "publish your guest post". Hire dozens of them to publish dozens of positive articles about you and your brand. 


Your articles should contain indexable terms you're trying to rank for like your name, brand name and industry keywords. Use those terms as many times as you can and link back to your social media accounts or website to provide backlinks to other positive content about you. 


Get creative and find different websites and freelancers. Make them agree to publish positive news articles about you! 


There are other strategies to get you on Buzzfeed, Huffington Post and Fox News, but we'll save that for another blog geared towards people with severely damaged reputations and enterprises with the budget for that. 


Remove Negative Reviews 


You can remove negative reviews by reporting them on Google and flagging them as a "conflict of interest". If the reviewer doesn't leave a detailed description about why they left that negative review, there's a change Google will remove it for you. 


If your Google or Facebook reviews are damaged beyond repair, simply hide them. Delete your Google My Business listing and create a new one. 


You can also delete your Facebook page and re-create it or change the category of your page so that reviews remain hidden. Changing page category is also the best option if your page has a lot of followers or fans. It's also a good option if your Facebook page brings you prospects or leads. 


Some Helpful SEO Tips 


When you create and publish positive media about your brand, don't forget to use the keywords you want to rank for as much as you can. This will increase the chance of your article getting indexed and ranked high by the Google search engine. 


Create do-follow or backlinks in your articles. See if the publisher or Freelancer agrees to include a link to your personal site or blog. This will increase the authority of the article and the page you're linking to. This is vital in improving your online reputation. 


The Attitude of a Winner 


You're a winner. Please don't feel like you're not in control of your online reputation. See it as a challenge.