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How to Automate Your Digital Marketing to Free Up Your Time

January 8, 2018

Do your marketing efforts take too long? If you're tired of sitting behind your computer or phone and creating posts to no avail, then we have a solution for you. You need to automate your digital marketing by hiring a digital marketing agency or automating your marketing campaigns. 


There are several ways to do this, but you should always start with scheduling your posts on social media. Social media is free unless you want to buy ads, and everybody needs to be making posts in order to get engagement. 


It doesn't matter if you're a small company, large corporation or independent musician. You need to be consistent with your social media marketing in order to stand out in such a noisy space. Social media is getting busier and busier, so you need to bring your A-game and create thoughtful and engaging posts. 


We don't all have hours a day to spend on making posts, which is why it's important that you pre-plan your posts, then download an app like Buffer or Hootsuite. You can start with a trial so that you can get familiar with each platform and use them to automate your social media posts right from your computer or phone, 


There are paid versions of each platform, with the Buffer basic plan starting at less that $15 a


month to manage up to 10 social networks. That's a small cost for a tool that has the potential to free up so much time. 


You can also hire a virtual assistant (VA) in another country for less that $5 an hour and automate other marketing tasks like posting classified ads, running Facebook campaigns and launching e-mail marketing campaigns. 


Luck for you we've made a comprehensive guide on how to hire the best virtual assistant


That leads us to our next digital marketing automation tip! Use Mailchimp to send e-mail advertisements and follow up with your hot leads. This is especially useful if you get a lot of inquires or have a large e-mail list. 



Mailchimp isn't just great because it allows you to send thousands of e-mails with ease or because you can train your VA to use it for you, but because of the analytics it provides! Mailchimp tells you how many people opened your e-mail, who those people are, whether they clicked through to the links in the e-mail or not and much more! 


We're not affiliated with any of these companies, nor are the links we've provided affiliate links. These are merely some of our recommendations and we encourage you to e-mail us if you have other suggestions or wish to contribute to Nadernejad Media's blog. 


There are thousands of digital marketing tools. It's your job to find the right ones and get used to operating them so that you can free up your time, increase your profits and do the things you enjoy. By automating as much of the marketing process as you can, you'll be able to pump all the positive energy you have into the business and life activites that you love. 


For more digital marketing tips, follow Nadernejad Media on Facebook. Don't hesitate to e-mail us if you need help with digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO or any other media-related campaigns. We're Toronto's elite digital marketing agency for a reason!