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City's Choice Comfort Air (A Continuous Case Study)

July 7, 2018

City's Choice Comfort Air is a top provider of HVAC services in the GTA. They partnered with Nadernejad Media in June to grow their website and expand their services throughout the Greater Toronto Area. 


This post is a continuous case study of City's Choice Comfort Air as we work together to grow their search engine and social presence. This study will be updated on a monthly basis for the next six months. We'll walk you through the process of marketing for City's Choice Comfort Air and discuss some of the amazing services they offer. We'll also provide some valuable insights about how you can grow your business and elevate your brand like City's Choice Comfort Air, who provide amazing service to Toronto and beyond. 


For more information about City's Choice Comfort Air, visit www.gtafurnacerepair.com.


June 2018 


SEO Optimization and First Page YouTube Rankings 


We started by creating a brand new YouTube channel for City's Choice Comfort Air with the intention of ranking a testimonial video first on YouTube for a variety of keywords. By using expert Youtube SEO strategies, we were able to rank for some of the top keywords. 


Along with our experience in YouTube search engine optimization, we also use a handy tool called TubeBuddy. You can check out the search rankings we achieved down below! 




 We instantly ranked for important and highly competitive key phrases such as "the best heating and cooling in the GTA, the best HVAC company in the GTA, HVAC Toronto, affordable heating and cooling in Toronto," and much more. 


You can do this too! All you need to do is reach out to a satisfied client (we reached out to one of City's Choice Comfort Air's many satisfied clients) and ask them to make you a testimonial video. 


Post your video on YouTube and try ranking for key phrases instead of keywords. Use as many tags as you can fit, but do not overload keywords. YouTube content filters will detect that and you will not rank for those keywords. Keep your title, tags and description consistent. Also, here's another major tip: KEEP YOUR TITLES LONG!



OUR NEXT STEP WAS WEBSITE SEO! We put important contact information near the top header of their website, because that's where all important information should go. We also added alt tags to their images and wrote longer, more descriptive paragraphs. Stay tuned next month as we share insights about website traffic growth, search ranking improvements and more.