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Remove Negative Google Links with Nadernejad Media

May 28, 2018

Why is director of Nadernejad Media, Nader Nadernejad sitting comfortably in a red tank top, being an authoritative voice in the reputation mangement industry? Because he can and he's pretty damn good at it. You may not love the red tank top, but we bet you don't like your negative Google links even more. 


Nadernejad Media is the best marketing agency at removing negative Google links on the internet. To be exact, Nadernejad Media can remove negative links from any search engine. If you Google "Remove Negative Google Links" right now, you will see that the top unpaid results about removing negative Google links are by Nadernejad Media or our director, Nader Nadernejad. 


The question is, "how does one go about removing bad Google links?". The answer is in our motto! Dominate the media. You need total media domination to protect your reputation and remove negative Google links.  We're the best at reputation management in Toronto for a reason! 


How we remove negative Google links 


Nadernejad Media removes negative Google links easily because we are affiliated with some of the most influential news blogs in the world. In late 2016, we started purchasing news sites and forming partnerships with blog sites around the world. We carefully hand selected the blogs we partnered with, ensuring that every site we partnered with carried a DA (Domain Authority) of 90+.


If negative media is ranking high for your name on Google, it's probably because that site has a higher domain authority (DA) than your other links displaying on Google. If a negative article by FOX News is ranking in the first three results when you Google your name, that's because Fox is a trusted site by Google. 


We counter this by accessing more powerful news sites to bury the result. Our primary focus is to make the link as irrelevant as possible and make the link into something that lowers the credibility of the news outlet. We create truthful, yet positive media about you and your brand and rich, long-form articles about the great things you're doing in the world. Then we pass them off to some of the most influential sites in the world. 


Eventually, the negative starts to lose relevancy and we contact the news department to question the factual accuracy of their stories. Our team is educated in journalism, so we contact the reporter directly and ask to have it deleted or changed. If the reporter does not comply, we move to the editor and make our case. 


If neither of these tactics work, we ask Google to remove the link and spread even more positive media about your brand, landing the negative link on the 20th page (or further) on Google. 


 How to Calculate the Domain Authority (DA) of a Negative Google Link 


If there's a pesky negative Google link that's haunting you, then you need to know what you're dealing with. Domain authority (DA) is calculated on a scale from 1-100 with 100 being the absolute best. A website with a DA of 100 is a powerful website that tends to rank on the first page of Google for most of their key phrases. 


If you want to calculate the domain authority, check out this domain authority checker, created by Small SEO tools


Domain authority isn't always representative of search rankings. We want to be clear on that. Lots of websites show a high domain authority because they've used black hat methods to get link juice. If you're in marketing, you know what we're talking about. If you're not, you're probably thinking "What the hell?". Some websites buy backlinks from other sites (links) to make their sites seem more legitimate, thus falsely boosting domain authority. That's all we're trying to say! Now read on and find out why we're the best and getting rid of those darn Google links. 


Why we're the best at removing negative Google links 


Nadernejad Media is the best at removing negative Google links because we have the most


aggressive, yet successful publishing and removal approach out of any company on the web. We're also one of the few Toronto marketing agencies that don't automate any of the process. We have a strict no-automation rule when it comes to getting rid of those pesky Google links. 


We get in touch directly with the people