Remove Negative Google Links with Nadernejad Media

May 28, 2018

Why is director of Nadernejad Media, Nader Nadernejad sitting comfortably in a red tank top, being an authoritative voice in the reputation mangement industry? Because he can and he's pretty damn good at it. You may not love the red tank top, but we bet you don't like your negative Google links even more. 


Nadernejad Media is the best marketing agency at removing negative Google links on the internet. To be exact, Nadernejad Media can remove negative links from any search engine. If you Google "Remove Negative Google Links" right now, you will see that the top unpaid results about removing negative Google links are by Nadernejad Media or our director, Nader Nadernejad. 


The question is, "how does one go about removing bad Google links?". The answer is in our motto! Dominate the media. You need total media domination to protect your reputation and remove negative Google links.  We're the best at reputation management in Toronto for a reason! 


How we remove negative Google links