November 26, 2022

Welcome to the Nadernejad Media Inc. Revamped Site

Our website was attacked, so we rebuilt it!

Why was our website offline for a month?

As an online reputation management firm, we work with clients who have damaged their online reputations, their public image, and sometimes even elements of their personal lives. As we help them rebuild their online presence, we encourage truth and transparency throughout the entire process.

That’s what we’re doing today by admitting to you that our website was attacked and shut down by a DDoS (denial of service) attack.

We have no idea whether it was a competitor, or just anonymous hackers, but we do know it caused our company a major inconvenience and thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

We’re lucky that none of our data was compromised and that the attack on our website was just a DDoS attack, which means that nobody got into our servers or was able to access important information. Service was simply denied and we were inconvenienced and made painfully aware of our site shortcomings.

Better site infrastructure

Experiencing our first web attack was lesson on site infrastructure. As a team, we realized that we need better web services and should be making active backups of our website on a daily basis to prevent further lost information.

One component we lost on our site was all of our helpful guides that help people fix their online reputations. While our YouTube channel still lives with important resources and info, many people love our step-by-step written posts. We will be rewriting them with new tips and best practices for the coming year. 

The web attack was also an opportunity for us to build our site again. This is the third version of our site since we started in 2015. Our site was first built on Wix, then we upgraded to a clunky WordPress website with animations – and finally, we have our brand new site with staff photos and our true culture as a company, and this one is my favourite.

Next steps 

As an online reputation management firm, we put out fires every day and we see adversity and disaster as it unfolds. Damaged reputations, public smear campaigns, legal troubles our clients face – it never ends. That’s why when we experienced a disaster of our own, we realized that it was just an opportunity to make things better. 

Nadernejad Media Inc. continues to operate and expand, and with our new corporate-facing online reputation firm, Nova Reputation Management, we hope to put the power of a positive online reputation in the hands of innovative companies worldwide. 

We made two new hires in 2022, and we hope to start next year with an intern who will help manage our web servers as we continue to build out our web presence and infrastructure.