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“I believe it’s a fundamental right for people and businesses to control the way they’re perceived online. Nobody deserves to lose opportunities because of negative content on the internet.”

Negative Search Results

Nadernejad Media is a Canadian digital agency specializing in online reputation management. We remove negative media from the web and suppress unfavourable search results to create a rich online presence that feels more like you. 


For the past five years, we’ve worked on campaigns with individuals, companies and institutions around the world. From a UK creative drawing service to a billion-dollar online education leader, people and businesses rely on Nadernejad Media to defend their online reputation. 

Personal Reputation Management

We help you repair and manage your online reputation. Our judgement-free approach and total confidentiality clause ensures that your privacy is protected every step of the way. 


We write all of your content in-house before purchasing guaranteed placements in high authority media outlets. Our methods suppress negative search results and outpace traditional publicists in speed, quality and rigour. 

Our Tactics

We’ve spent years refining our approach to online reputation management.

Search Rankings

We rank positive content about your brand on the first page of search engines and video platforms.

Link Building

We create an ongoing backlink strategy to bring search authority to the platforms you control.

SEO Audits

We audit negative links and calculate the factors that make them rank so we know how outrank or remove them.


We provide you access to our ORM dashboard so you can track the results we achieve for you.

Content Review

We inspect negative content with a fine-tooth comb and consult with an external legal advisor.


We generate positive publicity for your brand in the form of around-the-clock digital news coverage. 

Reputation Consulting

We teach you how to leverage your new positive reputation in future communications. 

24/7 Support

We provide you with 24/7 reputation support from a dedicated account manager. 

Nadernejad Media helps businesses position themselves online to influence stakeholders, increase revenue and secure funding. 

Trust Management

We build your business a rich online presence designed to influence stakeholders.

Market Penetration

Boost sales volume and awareness in specific markets by leveraging the power of digital media publishing.

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