Bernardo Javalquinto-Lagos

Bernardo Javalquinto-Lagos
(World renowned economist and Chilean presidential candidate)
Wikipedia page creation
Press release services
Project Summary

Nadernejad Media Inc. created the official Wikipedia page of Bernardo-Javalquinto Lagos, a Chilean economist and then founder of Latmetal U.S., a nanotechnology company. 

Nadernejad Media inc. successfully published the Wikipedia page, triggering the Google Knowledge Panel on the sidebar of Google, and ranking on the first page of web search. 

Nadernejad Media Inc. also wrote, drafted and published press releases for Latmetal U.S., featuring Javalquinto-Lagos as a prominent shareholder. 

Online Reputation Management Process

Nadernejad Media Inc. faced the challenge of writing and publishing the Wikipedia page of Bernardo Javalquinto-Lagos. Wikipedia moderators often remove new pages of public figures if they don’t have adequate sourcing. 

To overcome this adversity, Nadernejad Media Inc. created an aged Wikipedia account with edit history so that it wouldn’t be flagged by Wikipedia moderators. 

Nadernejad Media Inc. also drafted, sourced and published the article. 

Bernardo Javalquinto-Lagos

“Nader Nadernejad (Director) is by far one of the most impressive social media superstar personalities that I know, and his work is noble and priceless. He has an attitude and goodwill towards people beyond most people I have met in my life.” 

Bernardo Javalquinto-Lagos

Economist and Former Chilean Presidential Candidate


Bernardo Javalquinto-Lagos later went on to run in an election to become the president of Chile. He continues to be featured globally for his insights on economics, and his new interviews are frequently added to his Wikipedia page as new sources that support his notability. 

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